Cesare Lacca

The Italian designer and architect, Cesare Lacca was one of the most interesting figures of the postwar modernism. He made a large contribution to the creation of the national Italian design style which featured a fascination for precious materials and an elegant take on the then-fashionable organic forms. The peak of his creative work happened in 1950s (at the time Lacca collaborated with Cassina); later, in 1960s he is rarely mentioned. 

Lacca was born in Naples in 1929 and moved to Milan in postwar years. In 1950 his pieces were selected by American curators and were included in the Italy at Work: Her Renaissance in Design Today exhibition, the first large review of Italian design in the USA. Lacca’s works were exhibited along objects by Gio Ponti, Carlo Mollino and other maitres. In 1950-1953 the exhibition travelled to 12 American cities. Most of Lacca’s heritage consists of minor forms: coffee and side tables, serving trolleys, magazine racks, made of precious types of wood, glass and brass. 

Coffee tables
Cesare Lacca. Coffee table
Cesare Lacca