Georges Frydman

The French architect and designer, Georges Frydman was one of the founders of EFA (Equipement Fonctionnel de l’Habitation) furniture company. He was born in the north-east of France, in Mulhouse in a tailor’s family and graduated from the National Higher School of Arts and Crafts (École nationale superieure d’arts et métiers) where he studied aircraft engineering. After reading Le Corbusier’s Le Corbusier or The lyricism of the new age (Le Corbusier ou le Lyrisme des Temps Nouveaux) Frydman makes a decision to study architecture in the Higher School of  Fine Arts (École des Beaux Arts). 

1954. Frydman and artist Louis Solères co-found EFA and soon open a showroom with its collection in Nice. 

1966. Frydman receives the prestigious René Gabriel prize, a reward honoring designers of furniture in series with a qualitative and economic approach.

Cabinets, high boards, bookcases
Жорж Фридман. Креденца из ореха с белыми дверцами, 1960е
Georges Frydman