Jo Hammerborg

1920 — 1982

The Danish goldsmith and designer, Jo Hammerborg (1920 — 1982) graduated from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and became creative director of Fog & Mørup company, producing design lighting. 

1947-1949. Hammerborg works as goldsmith in Georg Jensen.

1957. Hammerborg is appointed creative director in Fog & Mørup. Under his leadership the brand experienced its most successful period. Jo Hammerborg renewed the collections, production methods and packaging of products. From 1957 until 1963 he designed around 60 projects, but only 24 of them were brought into production. The designer worked with various materials ranging from budget to valuable: plastic, aluminum, copper, brass, 925 silver, 24 karat gold.

1980. Hammerborg leaves Fog & Mørup to start his own line. His departure coincided with a financial crisis in the company and led to its closure. The designer’s works received numerous awards and prizes: Buenos Aires Centro Investigacion de Diseno (1965) for the Nova lamp; six IF (iF International Forum Product Design Awards) awards for the following lighting designs: Classic, Tunika, Saturn, Diskos, Hydras I and II (1969-1970).