Joaquim Tenreiro

Joaquim Tenreiro is the first furniture designer in Brazil to abandon “style” design, the founder of the Brazilian school of modernist design. Hereditary cabinetry. Born in Melo, Portugal, emigrated to Brazil between 1925 and 1927. Since 1928 he lived in Rio de Janeiro. He studied at the Portuguese School of Arts and Crafts.

In 1933 – 1943 designed furniture for Laubissh & Hirth, Leandro Martins and Francisco Gomes. In 1942, he designed furniture for the home of the writer Francisco Inácio Peixoto in Kataguazis. The architect of this house was the young Oscar Niemeyer. In 1943, Tenreiro opened his own company Langenbach & Tenreiro, which soon opened stores in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

At first, Joaquin Tenreiro designed furniture in retro styles, but in the early 1940s, becoming an independent furniture manufacturer, he turned to modernism.

He began to paint in Portugal and after moving did not leave these classes: he participated in the Brazilian art life, was a member of the group Núcleo Bernardelli. In 1968, he moved away from furniture design, closed production, and since then has been only involved in painting and sculpture.

Joaquim Tenreiro. A pair of chairs, с. 1960
Joaquim Tenreiro