Nathalie Du Pasquier

* 1957

Nathalie Du Pasquier is a French artist, subject designer, co-founder of the legendary Memphis band.

At 18, she traveled to Gabon and West Africa. Patterns and color combinations, common in the culture of African countries, greatly influenced her further work. Once she said in an interview: “I did not study at the university. I educated myself differently. I think that traveling, seeing different parts of the world and what other people did was a kind of university. Then I read a lot. I was curious to learn about many things. Of course, my training was also facilitated by the fact that I watched what my older colleagues did. I am still learning every day. Learning is the best there is in life. ”

In 1979, Nathalie Du Pasquier moved to Milan, where she met like-minded people and her partner, designer George Sowden. In the Memphis group, of which Du Pasquier has been a member since its founding in 1980, she not only worked as a subject designer, but also created ornaments for fabrics and objects that were developed by other members of the group.

In 1985, Du Pasquier began painting, and by 1987, this hobby became her main occupation. She has had exhibitions in many galleries around the world, including Exile in Berlin and Chamber in New York. At the same time, she continued to develop collections of textiles, including samples for clothes produced by American Apparel in 2014, and a series of fabrics for home textiles (together with George Sowden) for Zig Zag Zurich in 2015.