Nils «Nisse» Strinning

The Swedish architect and designer, Nils «Nisse» Strining was the founder of String Design AB and Swedish Design AB companies. He received a golden medal at Triennale di Milano in 1954. Strining designed one of the most well-known storage systems of the 1950-1960s — the String modular bookshelves, which were patented as pieces of applied art. 

1940s. Strining studies architecture in the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

1949. Along with wife Kajsa Strinning, he participates in a design competition organized by Bonnier, a leading Swedish publisher. Out of 194 bookshelf proposals, the Strinnings’ project is the one that gains the first prize. 

1950. Strining supplies the new offices of the UN in New York with his modular shelving system. 

1952. The designer establishes String Design AB and Swedish Design AB companies.

1954-55. Strining takes part in the Design in Scandinavia exhibition in the USA and h55 exhibition in Helsingborg.

1961. Strining gains the legal patent on his shelving system from Sweden’s Supreme Court. 

1979. The Swedish National Museum includes the String system in its collection.

1993. Excellent Swedish Design Award from Svensk Form, the Swedish association of arts and crafts.

2004-2006. Strining’s works are exhibited at the Scandinavian design beyond the myth exhibition, which travelled to Milan, Berlin, Ghent, Prague, Budapest, Riga, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo. 

2009. The String shelving system is acknowledged an applied art piece protected by the copyright law. 

Cabinets, high boards, bookcases
Nils Strinning. Chests of drawers with fastening to a wall, 1950s
Nils «Nisse» Strinning