Paul Tuttle

The American self-taught designer, architect and interior decorator, Paul Tuttle collaborated with some of the largest furniture factories and created one-of-a-kind pieces. 

1930s-1940s. Tuttle attends Alvin Lustig’s lectures as a non-degree student.

1949. Tuttle wins a scholarship to attend the famous Taliesin West architecture school of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

1951. Tuttle takes part in the Good Design exhibition in MoMA, New York.

1950s. He works as an apprentice in architecture firms Welton Becket & Associates and Thornton Ladd & Associates where he is involved in interior projects. 

1956. Tuttle moves to Santa Barbara, California. He is employed as design consultant in the Swiss pharmaceutical company Doestch, Grether & Cie.

1964. the Z chair, a signature piece by Tuttle, is created.

1968-1983. Tuttle works in the Swiss furniture company Strassle International.

2001. Retrospective exhibition Paul Tuttle Designs is held at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Paul Tuttle collaborated with Strasstle international, Knoll International, Landes Manufacturing, Bud Tullis.

Upholstered furniture
Paul Tuttle. Zeta chair, 1968
Paul Tuttle