Pierre Grimm

1898 — 1979

Painter, graphic artist, scene designer and photographer. Pierre Grimm was born in Russia in a family of a German nobleman. He studied in the studio of J.Tsionglinsky in Saint Petersburg and for several months attended the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

In 1915 Grimm took part in an ethnographic expedition to the Russian part of the Central Asia as artist and photographer. In 1917 he lived in Moscow working as scene designer and illustrating newspapers. He became fascinated with photography. After a term in prison he relocated to the Crimea. 

In 1920 he emigrated to Constantinople and later to Zagreb, Vienna, Berlin. In 1923 he settled in Paris. Since 1927 he lived in Montparnasse where he rented a small studio and painted views out of his window. He met Yury Annenkov, Jean Pougny, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Árpád Szenes and Anna Staritskaya. 

After World War II Grimm turned to abstract art. Since 1952 he created tapestry boards for a textile manufacture in Beauvais. His works were featured at the Autumn Salon (since 1929), the Salon des Tuileries (1939), the Salon des Indépendants (1957). His personal exhibitions took place at the Crausen gallery in Copenhagen (1935), the Paris galleries A. Poyet (1938), Rotgé (1943), Pierre (1949), Bellechasse (1957), Le Point Cardinal (1962), the Knoedler gallery in New York (1949) and the O`Hana gallery in London. His art was also exhibited in Stockholm and Oslo in 1962. Grimm participated in group exhibitions in the Beaux-arts gallery. 

In 1945-1946 he participated in the exhibitions of Russian artists, organized by the France-USSR committee and the Union of Russian Patriots.

His works were also featured at the following exhibitions: The Russian Glance in Heidelberg (1974), Russian artists of the Paris School (1961), Russians Again (1975) in Paris. 

In 1964 Grimm became Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. 

In 2011, the artist’s works were exhibited in Moscow at the exhibition Art-mission: Return to the Motherland.