Folke Ohlsson. Frisco table, 1960s

Manufacturer: Tingstroms. (Sweden)


Folke Ohlsson




47 х 81 x 122 cm
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Folke Ohlsson

1919 — 2003

The Swedish designer, founder of the DUX Inc brand, Folke Ohlsson received numerous awards including the Triennale Exhibit in Milan and the Good Design show of the New York Museum of Modern Art. In recognition of his work, he was awarded Sweden’s Royal Order of Vasa by King Gustav VI Adolf. Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship. 

1953. Ohlsson moves to the USA and founds DUX Inc. in San-Francisco. 

1959. …