Ezio Longhi. Mitzi armchairs, 1958

Manufacturer: Elam (Italy)


Ezio Longhi


Wood, velvet, brass


90 х 60 х 68 cm Quantity: 2
About author

Ezio Longhi

* 1928

The Italian cabinetmaker and architect, Ezio Longhi was the founder of Elam furniture brand and author of the memoir book Diario di un falegname (2016).

He was born in Lombardy in a woodworkers’ family. His father was a woodcarver who produced furniture in classical styles. After his father’s death Longhi, who was only 14, took up his family business. 

1951. Longhi opens a new studio with contemporary machines and with a department processing cellulose nitrate. His new brand is called Elam.

1953-1957. Longhi begins to collaborate with Italian architects Raffaella …