Gerard Schneider

Gerard Ernest Schneider was one of the first and main artists of French lyrical abstraction. Не was born in the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland, and spent his childhood in Neuchâtel, where he studied.

In February 1916, he went to Paris, attended the National School of Decorative Arts where he was encouraged to continue by his teacher Paul Renouard then, in 1918, he joined the National School of Fine Arts. He returned to Neuchâtel where he made his first individual exhibition. In 1920 he married Marguerite Barbezat and settled permanently in Paris with her in 1922. 1928 birth of his (first) daughter Janine Schneider. Remarried in 1956 with Loïs Frederick (1930-2013) a young American painter then in 1963 birth of Laurence his second daughter.

After having started in impressionism, then turning to surrealism, he found his own expression around 1943; it will be the so-called “informal” non-geometric abstraction.

He then attended Pierre Soulages and Hans Hartung.

Pioneer of lyrical abstraction, gestural and personal abstraction, he was represented in Paris at Galerie Louis Carré in 1950. Then, from 1955 to 1960, his works were exhibited at the Kootz Gallery in New York where an exclusive contract signed American artist and merchant Samuel M. Kootz.

Gerard Schneider. Opus 87F, 1963
Gerard Schneider