Jean Mailhe

Jean Mailhe was a Reims-born French artist. After serving in the Foreign Legion, he lived in North Africa (mainly in Morocco). His first exhibitions were held there: in 1935 and 1939 in Meknes, in 1939 in Rabat.

Since 1946 lives in France. In 1950, on the advice of Albert Glazer, he moved to Paris and, under the influence of this artist, moved away from figurative art. In 1962, a personal exhibition of Jean Maye was held – first in the artist’s workshop, then in the nearby l’Antipoète gallery. In 1962-63 He participated in group exhibitions with Serge Polyakov, Jean Arp, Kurt Zeligman. In 1967, he received a gold medal at the Ancona Biennale. After 1975, exhibited at the Autumn Salon, Salon of Independents, Salon Comparaisons.

The artist’s works are stored in the The French National Museum of Natural History, Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the Pforzheim Museum.