Jindrich Halabala

The Czech designer and constructor, Jindrich Halabala was a pioneer of industrial production and the main designer of United Arts and Crafts Manufacture (UP), a major furniture company in Czechoslovakia with woodworking, metal-processing and textile factories. 

1920. Halabala attends the State-owned Woodworking School in Valašské Meziříčí in Czechoslovakia. He completes his practical studies in the recently-consolidated United Woodcrafts Manufacturers company in Brno. 

1923. Halabala enrolls to the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, in the studio headed by Professor Pavel Janák. 

1926. He becomes director of the UP company’s Prague outlet. 

1930-1946. Owing to his versatile skills, Halabala is invited to head the design studio of the UP company’s Brno branch. Shortly afterwards he becomes the firm’s development manager, remaining in the position until 1946. Halabala is responsible for the firm’s product line selection. He develops standard series of products, complements the range with innovative models made of metal tubes, works at projects of modular furniture. He is responsible for the promotional strategy and sales: for the first time the company starts  to offer ready-made interior solutions and every shop now offers a designer’s guidance. 

Furniture by Jindrich Halabala is included in the collection of Moravská Galerie in Brno and of the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc. 

Jindrich Halabala. H269 armchairs, 1930s
Jindrich Halabala