Olga Potapova

Olga Potapova was a Russian and Soviet artist, a member of the so-called “Lianozovo group.” The wife of the artist Evgeny Kropivnitsky, the mother of artists Leo and Valentina Kropivnitsky. Born in Orel, but since 1917 she lived in Moscow. She studied at the University of Shanyavsky.

In 1920, she met her future husband, artist and poet Evgeny Kropivnitsky. In 1923, after several years of living in provincial cities, the family settled near Moscow at the Lianozovo railway station. In the 1920s, Olga Potapova studied painting in the workshops of Ilya Mashkov and Veniamin Eiges, in 1936-38. – at the retraining department in the field of art of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. In the 1930s, like her husband, she taught painting, participated in exhibitions of artists and teachers. From 1941 to the end of the 1950s she worked as a graphic designer.

In 1956, Leo Kropivnitsky, the son of Olga Potapova, returns from exile. In 1957, her son-in-law, Oscar Rabin, after success at the festival exhibition for the first time gets the opportunity to earn artwork, and Olga Potapova herself retires. For the family, the time is ripe for relative well-being. The 60s is the most fruitful period in the life of the artist. At this time, she completely refuses visualization and paints abstract paintings.