Pierre Gastaud

Pierre Gastaud was a French painter, lithographer and sculptor, a representative of the so-called “École d’Antibes”.

Pierre Gastaud lost his father in 1929, which forced him to work at a very young age. In 1938, he already worked in many professions, including the profession of a butcher, but not one of them interested him, he was passionate only about drawing. He did not receive professional art education. His first mentor in painting was the artist Maurice Mendjizky.

He worked as a cartoonist in the newspaper Le Patriote niçois. In Nice, he met Charles Malaussena, Philippe Artias, Alfred Angeletti and Pablo Picasso. In 1950 he received the Prix de la Jeune Peinture in Nice.

Gastaud moved to Antibes, where he entered the circle of artists known as the “School of Antibes.” In particular, they are André Verdet, Jacques Prévert, Xavier Longobardi, Ladislas Kijno, Paul Revel, Germaine Richier. They gathered in the Agora bistro, where they discussed contemporary, especially often abstract art. There Gastaud met his wife, the artist Elizabeth Adams (they married only in 1984).

Pierre Gastaud often visited his wife’s homeland, in the UK, where he made acquaintance with Roland Penrose, Ezra Levy and Bill Brandt.

He also worked in Bagno, where he rented a studio with Albert Féraud. Later he had workshops in Paris and near Nice.

Exhibited in 1951 at the Menton Biennale, where his work was awarded a prize. In 1954, he first participated in the May Salon, since 1957 he regularly exhibited at it. In 1968 he took part in the Venice Biennale. In 73, exhibited in Rio de Janeiro, in 1976 – 1977. – in Trieste, Brindisi, Ferrara and Sorrento. His works were shown at the exhibition at UNESCO headquarters (Paris), Ten Artists of the Paris School (1996). He made reliefs and sculptures for the cities of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (1971) and Onet-sous-Bois (1976). In two houses in Vitry-sur-Seine, his monumental works are preserved: one in 1973 (together with Ladislas Kijno), the other in 1995.

The artist’s works are stored in the Picasso Museum in Antibes, the International Center for Contemporary Art in Carros, the The National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers, the Reykjavík Art Museum, MCBA Musée cantonal des beaux‑arts Lausanne.