Triptych ❤ by Evgeny Muzalevsky at the exhibition in Saint-Petersburg
Igor Chelkovski and Dunya Zakharova in Museum of Moscow

On June 30, the exhibition “Modern Russian Art – the language of animation” opened in the Marble Palace. The exhibition includes three independent projects: “Animators”, “Mechanicus” and “Man-scheme”.

The exhibition presents more than 60 works of contemporary art from the collection of the Russian Museum, private and author’s collections (paintings, graphics, sculpture, photography, as well as installations and videos). The exhibition demonstrates the works of both well-known and less familiar authors.

The motif of the “man—scheme”, which originated in the art of the avant-garde, has now turned into an effective and effective way of talking about modern man and his place in the world. In the exhibition, this motif is represented by two groups of works. The authors of some operate with stable information pictograms with figures placed from non-artistic space into artistic space, the authors of others create their own characters using similar principles of shaping. In this way, artists react to changes in the surrounding cultural environment, filled with symbols and signs.

The work of the “New Artists” of the 1980s is presented in three directions: the art of abstract forms, which includes the works of Igor Сhelkovski, the art of reality in its social and environmental dimensions, the art of fantasy and cosmism.

The exhibition will last until August 29, 2022.

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