Sculptures by Igor Chelkovski in The State Russian Museum
The artworks by Igor Chelkovski in “Arkhangelskoye”

On June 9, a group exhibition “Thinking Landscape” in Museum of Moscow opened.  Alina Pinsky Gallery’s artists took part in it: Igor Chelkovski and Dunya Zakharova.

The project is dedicated to the artistic exploration of the surrounding space and the search for new forms of interaction with it — through painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, video art. The exhibition will combine the works of more than twenty Russian artists of different generations.

The space at the exhibition is interpreted by different generations of artists: from such famous authors as Igor Chelkovski, to young artists — Dunya Zakharova and others. The works presented at the exhibition often appeal to images of vastness and vastness, however, each of the presented works has an individual experience: the authors turn both to general ideas, phantoms and myths, and to deeply personal memories.

The exhibition runs until August 21, 2022.

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