Opening of ‘Muzalevsky’ solo exhibition
3D tour and extension of the exhibition “Tim Parchikov. Just a Shot Away”

On 17 December the Alina Pinsky Gallery premieres ‘Just a Shot Away’, an exhibition by Tim Parchikov. This is a curatorial selection of works based on the artist’s key series ‘Suspense’. Some fifty works from different periods, including the most recent, will be presented. Spontaneous frames that could well be taken from a film convey a kind of premonition, the instant ‘a minute before the shot’ from suspense movies.
Winner of the Kandinsky Prize and Moscow Art Prize, Tim Parchikov is one of the few Russian artists who have collaborated for many years with European and Asian galleries. His works regularly participate in foreign exhibitions and have been showcased at prestigious fairs including Art Basel, Frieze, ARCO, and others.
A catalogue with introductory articles by art critics Irina Kulik and Kira Dolinina will be released for the exhibition.

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