Floor & Walls

The Palisander Gallery is running into new direction for itself and for the market in general, that’s the collectible design of Russian authors. Modern & contemporary is the most accurate reflection of today’s specialization of the gallery, which combines design objects and abstract art of the second half of the twentieth century with the works of contemporary designers and artists.

Daria Belyakova, Denis Milovanov, Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn and Vadim Kibardin, Igor Chelkovski, Timofei Parshikov and Dunya Zakharova – have only one thing in common – “born in Russia”, but that’s enough to combine them together in one exhibition.

Contemporary design and art are characterized by the fusion of contrasting temporal and genre concepts. The sharper the mix and the more effective it is, the better the collection looks. Mixing does not imply dissonance or rupture. Harmony can be built on rhymes that arise from the form, material or style of the authors. At the exhibition, the objects of non-conformist artist Igor Chelkovski coexist with the graphic and intellectual design of Daria Belyakova. The material things of Denis Milovanov and Vadim Kibardin – with the emotional objects of Olga Treivas, Vera Odin and Dunya Zakharova.

Contemporary Russian design is multifaceted and international in nature. There is no “Russian” in the understanding of the last century. Its support is not “pop” of applied art, but modernism of the highest standard.